How NPI's services meet the broad requirements of high-mix, any volume manufacturers and help their bottom line?

Electronics Manufacturers

    Tape & Reel

  • Buy from the lowest price distributor, not just the lowest "cut-tape" distributor
  • Receive every component in machine-ready format
  • Fast turn around with no expedite fees
  • Better faster treatment of moisture sensitive components using NPI's bake & dry-pack services
  • Kitting

  • Highly flexible, buy your material from the best value distributors and drop ship directly to NPI
  • Make machine-ready in one day
  • Inexpensive, reduces set-up by 90%
  • MSD services available
  • Inventory cycle-Counting and Rehab

  • NPI provides on-site materials handling experts to count reels, label and make SMT ready
  • Flexible, can work weekends
  • We bring our own equipment
EMS Floor