NPI Materials Covid-19 Update

Prosper, TX March 30, 2020

All jurisdictions of Collin County Texas have been ordered to "Shelter-in-Place". However, NPI has been told to remain open and ready as a critical service provider to the medical and semiconductor manufacturing base. So we will remain open.

There are positive tests reported in Prosper.

Our business level is very high and our skilled team is producing record throughput numbers on the tape & reel and MSD bake side of the business. Our cycle time for new work has begun to return to the normal range.

Our Asian suppliers in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, are now experiencing some mandatory closures but we are well stocked and do not expect any supply issues to our tape & reel operation. On the tape & reel supplies business, while our available-to-sell inventory is very good, we will control order entry particularly for new & unforecasted orders. Our key supplier in China, thankfully, is far removed from the Wuhan district.

Operationally, we are doing everything possible to sanitize equipment, tools and systems, practicing safe spacing, etc. Visitors and deliveries are now restricted to the visitation area.

We are nearly at full strength from a manpower standpoint.

A direct cause of the virus is that the FedEx shipping cut-off has moved up from 4:00 to 3:00, for both ground and overnight services.

Finally, while we all hope to return to normal soon, we pause to thank God for protecting us and our families, friends and others, and we pray for those directly affected. We ask for the strength to overcome this challenge and to be better servants when this is over.