OEM Solutions - New Product Packaging Services

Component packaging services addressing "Customer Ready" needs of Manufacturers.

Clients' new product requirements seldom demand a full sized production reel of thousands of pieces. But all customers prefer that they load on their feeder like one.

Distributors balk at stocking a 1,000 piece reel of $50 components before demand has sufficiently developed unless billing is deferred.

Reference designs provide a significant time-to-market advantage for the client, especially if they are available as a full B-O-M, machine-ready product from the manufacturer or distributor. There is no better way to support the design-in, time-to-market needs of the client than with OEM packaging Solutions from NPI Materials.

Custom Engineering Sample Reels

  • Taped and reeled to latest EIA-481 standards
  • Taped in exact quantity required
  • Every package type supported
  • MSD bake & dry-packaging available
  • Options: custom orientation, sequencing
  • Excellent for Qualification, First Articles, Screened Lots, Split Lots

Small Quantity SKU's

  • Individual reels packaged for distributor stocking.
  • Labels supplied by the OEM
  • Completely emulates the look and feel of the OEM's typical high volume reels
  • MSD bake to re-set the exposure time

Samples Fulfilment

  • Combines our Custom ES Reel offering with direct drop ship capabilities.
  • Direct ship machine-ready samples to client
  • Programming, sequencing other options available
  • Packaged with OEM's supporting documentation and collateral.

Authorized 3M Distributor

  • Tape and Reel Products
  • Specializing in 8mm Polycarbonate Carrier Tape
  • Low Minimum Order
  • For critical WLCSP applications
  • Value-Added Packaging

Custom Tape Development

  • Exact carrier to fit component
  • Tooling available in 10 days
  • 8mm / 2 pitch available in 7-8 weeks

Carrier and Cover Tape Distribution

  • Authorized Distributor
  • JIT Inventories
  • Open and custom tools available