SMD Connectors Tape and Reel

NPI Materials is a leader in connector & header tape and reel service.

We have nearly 1000 carrier tapes designed just for headers, connectors, recepticles, and jacks of various dimensions. If we don't have the perfect tape, we'll quote you one. Our custom capabilities are fast, inexpensive and always spot on. With our high-definition polystyrene embossing, we can handle unique profiles, pedestals and other features. So, buy your connectors from Samtec, Molex, FCI, TE, Amphenol, Rosenberger, Foxconn, Hirose, JST, ITT, Mill-Max, Metz Connect or from any of their distributors: Allied, Arrow, Avnet, Digikey, Mouser, Future, Sager, Powell or TTI. If they say "NO Tape and Reel", buy your parts, then send them to NPI Materials.