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Quality Management System

Competitive Quality with Exceptional Service

NPI Materials' objective is to provide an exceptional suite of services with competitive pricing and quality. Many of our clients' requests are to address the "white space" opportunities, services that are not offered by other providers. These resulting programs leverage our core competencies of component identification and tape & reel packaging. We perform many more functions than the thirteen business models illustrated throughout

Our QMS defines and records key functional quality parameters of our businesses as described below.

Quality Manual Cover Page

QMS Contents

  • Basic Processes
  • Employee Training
  • Records Keeping
  • Client Requirements
  • Input & Output
  • Equip. Calibration & Maintenance
  • Latest Industry Specifications Supported: EIA-481-E, J-STD-033C

  • Return Policy

    • Clients wishing to return product for re-work, replacement or credit must first contact NPI Materials to issue a customer complaint and request a Return Material Authorization.
    • NPI will work with that client to achieve their satisfaction.
    • NPI's total liability for any job incorrectly performed is the invoice amount for the service. NPI will not be responsible for incidental or consequential charges or damages arising from an incorrectly performed job.

Quality Policy

  • Our first-most task is to understand and document the clients' preferences regarding machine-readiness
  • NPI will work with that client to achieve their satisfaction.

Tape Sales

  • NPI has developed a significant competitive advantage in component industry knowledge
  • Authorized Distribution
  • Maintain C-o-C
  • Record LC:COO:DC - 2 years
  • Customer is responsible for fit of component versus stated dimensions
  • Returns authorized for full reels that do not meet stated dimensions.

Tape & Reel Quality

Pin 1 Orientation
Pin 1 Orientation

OEM Solutions

  • Defined Process
  • Peel force test
  • EIA-481
  • Leverage