Semiconductor Package Options

NPI Materials, Inc. provides Tape & Reel service for all semiconductors manufactured by Actel, Altera, AMD, Analog Devices, Atmel, Avago, Cirrus, Cypress, Exar, FTDI, Genesis, Hynix, IDT, Intel, Intersil, ISSI, Knowles, Lattice, Linear Technology, LSI, Marvell, Maxim, Microchip, Micron, Microsemi, Minicircuits, Mitsubishi, NEC(Cal Eastern), Numonyx, Freescale-NXP, Ohmite, On Semiconductor , Panasonic, Peregrine, PMD, Pericom, PLX, PMC Sierra, Protec, Qorvo, Rabbit, Rami, Ramtron, Renesas, Samsung, Sandisk, Silicon Image, Silicon Labs, SMC, Sony, Spansion, SST, Skyworks, Texas Instruments , Toshiba, Triquint, Vitesse, Vishay, VMI, Xilinx, Zoran and Zilog.

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BGA & QFN Packages


Now the workhorse package for component manufacturers, this category offers hundreds of square and rectangular options, various thicknesses, and is expanding at a significant rate.


The cutting edge of miniaturization enabling products like I-Phone and I-Pod, includes CSP Chip-Scale, WSP Wafer Scale, WLCSP, MSOP, uSOP, and other leaded and non-leaded packages. Typically but not limited to 10 pins or less. Shown here with the venerable SOT-23-6, the next wave of components do not include ""all the plastic!""
TSSOP Package


Mainstream workhorse, 8-pin through 80-pin, half the pitch and height of SOIC with 6mm footprint.
SSOP Package


Introduced by Japanese manufacturers, offered tighter pitch but same height as SOIC. In rapid decline.
TSOP Package


Became the choice for DRAM makers to replace PLCC, placed pins close to the die bond area. Quickly being phased out in favor of BGA.
Quad Flat Pack (QFP)


Succeeded the PLCC and through-hole PGA in high pin-count processor/ASIC applications. Many variations include TQFP, LQFP, MQFP, PQFP with both EIA and EIAJ standards. Being phased out by BGAs.
SOIC Package


Still the most popular 8-pin package, standard 150mil, 300mil widths, special height and power versions are offered for unique requirements. No sign of extinction.


Nearly gone from the market, the PLCC and SOJ packages were the inital surface mount packages of choice for logic and DRAM in the 1980's.