Reel Splitting

When a full 3,000 piece reel doesn't make sense

Manufacturers prefer to ship their components on the largest reels possible.

This makes their assembly / test operation more efficient.

A $10 component on a 3,000 piece reels is an expensive asset to expose to the manufacturing floor.

OEMs who kit material for their EMS partners often find the shrinkage unacceptable.

The risk associated with accidental damage to a $30,000 reel may also be untenable to the manufacturing partner.

There is also the issue of an entire reel of moisture sensitive devices idle and exposed to humidity on the manufacturing floor.

A better solution is to split that reel into four sealed reels of 750 pieces.


  • NPI's Reel Splitting service converts a single reel of components into multiple reels of components.
  • Reel quantities can be customized to address the planning needs of the client.
  • Each reel is machine-ready, (Leader & Tail) so that there is zero attrition attributed to loading or unloading the reel.


  • Material can be dispatched to the EMS in the quantity required for the job run with the balance remaining safely behind.
  • Moisture sensitive devices are not exposed to excessive shop floor times.
  • Reel splitting service can be combined with MSD Processing for an additional charge.


  • Two tier options are available:
  • Cut-tape segments with Leader & Tail spliced to each end
  • Depopulate & re-tape on fresh tape to eliminate splices
  • Customer can specify the quantities required for each reel.
  • No expedite charges for prioritized turn-around service.
  • Call 972-346-9003 to get started today.

Who uses Reel Splitting Services?

  • OEM's that consign material to one or more EMS partners
  • Small lot EMS manufacturers with expensive moisture sensitive components.