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Why specify Polycarbonate carrier tape?

Polycarbonate is superior to polystyrene in several major ways

  • Polycarbonate provides better defined pockets, flatter and more level bottoms, straighter walls, crisper corners.
  • Polycarbonate provides better dimensional control (tighter tolerances) for fine pitch WLCSP's
  • You get a better, more consistent seal resulting in a lower, smoother peel force.

NPI specializes in 3M carrier tape for chip and wafer scale packaging. These dimensions, below 1.5 mm, require a tighter tolerance than is possible with normal polystyrene tape. The pocket profile is exact, helping these components to seat and remain seated while being presented to the pick head.

Why buy polycarbonate carrier tape from 3M?

  • 3M company is the global leader in polycarbonate material for pockets of these dimensions. The 3M operations are centered in Asia, close to their high volume markets.
  • 3M offers the technology in pocket design with over 5000 open tools available.
  • 3M provides outstanding quality at competitive pricing.
  • Products are engineered as complementary, carrier pocket design coupled with cover tape material for handling thin slivers of silicon without flipping or jumping pockets.

Why buy 3M Tape & Reel Products from NPI Materials?

  • We specialize in 3M carrier tape for chip and wafer scale packaging.
  • We offer the broadest selection of Available to Sell 3M Inventory in the Americas.
  • NPI provides outstanding Customer Service and support.
  • We offer carrier tape by the meter, the roll, the carton or the lot.
  • NPI's online carrier tape search and ordering is easy to use and has same day shipping with credit card checkout.
  • Call for volume discounts.
  • We offer supply chain replenishment programs and bonded inventory.
  • We provide ongoing technical support, a tape users perspective along with information on all of 3M's latest innovations as well as Product Change Notices.

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