Distribution stockable small quantity reels

Factory Reels in a size your Distributor can afford to stock.

Distributors often balk at stocking a $30,000 reel of your product, particularly when it is a new product and wide-spread demand has yet to develop. NPI Materials offers a better solution. Mini-Reel SKU's, packaged exactly as output from your assembly/test facility, but in an increment your distributor will appreciate.


  • NPI removes components from existing tape or trays and creates EIA-481 spec. compliant seven (7) inch reels.
  • Can be configured in any size. (25, 50, 100 pieces are the most popular)
  • All materials are included: reel, ESD bag, ESD Caution labels, optional pizza box and MBB.
  • Manufacturer supplied labels provides the Authenticity expected from the customer.
  • MSD components can be baked prior to re-taping.


  • Does not tie up valuable tester time between reels at AT site.
  • Removes the cost obstacle with the distributor.
  • Quantity is more appropriate for early life-cycle components.
  • Avoids problems associated with distributors providing cut-tape of MSD components.


  • Pricing begins as a low $30 per reel.
  • Options and special requirements priced seperately.
  • Call 972-346-9003 for more information.
  • -or- Complete the form below and email to NPI
Shown: 10 SKUs for shipment

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