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Questions about Time

Questions about Quality

Questions about Money

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Questions about Tape & Reel

Questions about Time

This statement overrides all mention of lead-time/cycle-time below: Due to the component market conditions worldwide, NPI is now operating on a FIFO basis with everything being expedited. There is no reason to request expedited service.

How long does it take for Tape & Reel service to be completed?

A: We have the capacity to complete most jobs in one day. Most are completed and shipped the day they arrive and nearly all are completed within one day.

Can you expedite our job?

A: Yes. Let us know the critical schedule and we'll make every effort to achieve it.

Do you work nights and weekends?

A: Yes, we can. If something is critical and our day shift is unable to complete it, we may schedule an off hours shift.

What is your shipping cut-off?

A: 3:00 PM daily

Questions about Quality

Are you ISO registered?

A: We are not ISO registered. It costs too much money. We have a Quality Management System that is actively implemented and maintained just like an ISO system but is not registered,

Can I get a copy of your QMS?

A: We do not offer copies but you are welcome to review it on a site visit/audit.

Can we audit / tour your operation?

A: We support that routinely.

What are the governing specifications pertaining to Tape & Reel?

A: EIA-481 covers everything that concerns embossed carrier tape based T & R and Jedec-STD-033 covers moisture sensitive devices. We are fully compliant with the latest revisions of both. ESD specs are multiple.

Are your reels EIA-481 compliant?

A: Yes, unless customers request deratives for manufacturability such as shorter carrier tape leaders.

Do you take ESD precautions?

A: Indeed, our ESD Protected Areas are designed to the most robust standards of S20.20 including ESD tiles on a grounded copper grid and all grounded work surfaces.

How do you orient the part in the pocket?

A: Our order of progression is 1) Customer preference 2) EIA-481-x 3) Manufacturer specified

Questions about Money

How much does the service cost?

A: It depends on the quantity and the component being taped.

What do you need in order to quote?

A: Just the list of part numbers and the quanities.

Is there a minimum quantity?

A: No, you can have one component put on tape if you want.

What is your set-up charge?

A: There is no set-up charge but there is a line item minimum that is set for the level of service you require.

Do you take credit cards?

A: We do, through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account but you must be able to receive email and have an internet connection.

Can you bill me?

A: Yes, we offer standard Net terms.

Do you offer consolidated billings?

A: Yes, we offer weekly consolidated invoicing and can customize a consolidated report for you.

What is your expedite charge?

A: Zero. We don't have an expedite fee.

Questions about Logistics

Where do I send the parts?

A: Send them to NPI Materials at 300 West Broadway Building 5, Proper, TX 75078

Can I drop ship from my supplier directly to NPI?

A: Yes. Use the same address. For frequent drop ship practices, set NPI up as one of your shipping addresses with those vendors.

What is the fastest way to get parts to NPI?

A: Our first shipment of the day is UPS (Ground and Express - same truck) and it arrives between 10:30 and one, regardless of the level of service you pay for. Next is FedEx Ground and it arrives just after UPS. Finally, FedEx arrives in the late afternoon unless you pay for the very expensive First Delivery option. Quick answer, UPS Ground.

General Questions about Tape & Reel

Can I get my suppliers labels, packing lists, C-o-C and other documentation returned to me?

A: Yes, we always return all documentation and non-cardboard packaging.

Why was my final count different than the original count?

A: When the final machine count does not equal the label/packing list, we clear the machine, inspect all tubes and re-count the tape on a reel counter. If the count is still off, we notify the customer in accordance with our agreed practice.

How many parts fit on a reel?

A: That depends on the component size and the reel size. If you have a specific request for parts per reel, please contact us.

Do you have a tape that fits...?

A: That is the most often asked question, perhaps thirty times daily. If the part is manufactured by any major semiconductor manufacturer, then we are confident of having a tape. Same with most resistors & capacitors, both commercial and military. The other categories of P.I.E. are more difficult to assertain due to the sheer size of the market so we recommend sending them in for a quote.

How long does it take for a custom tape?

A: We can have any reasonable component into a custom fit tape and on your dock in just 3-4 weeks.

How do you handle Moisture Sensitive Devices?

A: First, we do everything possible to minimize exposure time. We refer to the manufacturer or distributors' MSD caution label for the level and seal date. If the information is available and the components appear exposed (HIC reads pink), then we contact the customer to offer a bake option. If bake is required, we de-tape, bake, then tape and dry-pack the components. If bake is not required, we complete the handling log (if present) and process the components without baking.

Can you tape through hole parts?

A: Yes, we use a sunset technology partner that provides that service which we turn-key for our customers.

Can you program parts?

A: Sorry, due to insufficient demand resulting from onboard programming technology, we no longer support programming. But, we'd be happy to work with your programmer if they are unable to meet your tape and reel requirements.

Can you move parts from tape to tray?

A: Yes, but we require that the customer supply the trays. NPI is in the T&R business but does not stock trays except for internal use baking. Because there are so many tray configurations NPI can not be responsible for damage to components caused by ill-fitting trays. Therefore we require the customer to supply the trays and be responsible for their performance.

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