NPI uses the EIA-481 version E industry specification as the guide to orient components into the carrier tape.

Since manufacturer compliance with EIA-481 is voluntary and there is no policing body or consequences for deviation, the situation exists where the same package is oriented differently be manufacturers.

The vast majority of standard component packages are well covered by this specification yet certain components are still split within the industry.

In a high mix tape and reel operation like NPI Materials, EIA-481-E is the standard followed so that operators can follow their process and their training.

However, we recognize that using EIA-481-E as an overriding default could be problematic if our customer has a "non-conforming" factory reel and a "conforming" reel taped by NPI on the same SMT line.

Therefore, we offer our customers the ability to override the default orientation and select their own, in every case, or on a case-by-case basis.

To override standard EIA-481, state the quadrant you desire on your Client Information form or your Purchase Order. If you know only that you want the component to be oriented as the manufacturer does, then upgrade your order to PT level of service and NPI will do the research for you.